early days at school
early days at school

I began life in rural Oxfordshire: in a village of both political and religious dissent; a place that harboured secrets and where tales of witchcraft still whispered in the walls. Within that context, I was nomadic from the age of two.  

My mother suffered from serious mental health issues and, although her mother (Nanna) was drafted in to fill the mothering space, I was determined to be free range. Family time and energies were caught up with other things and, with a close village community, my wanderings rarely caused concern.

Perhaps it was the notion of things not being right at home that lead people to take me in, or perhaps I was an enchanting child. Whatever the reason, I walked through open doors and many that were normally closed. I was welcomed at tables where others feared to go and it is that broad church of experience, that began to carve the person that is me.


2 thoughts on “Where it all began

  1. I love your writing. We never knew how difficult it was for you as a child. But your mum’s sister wasn’t much better as she also was effected with mental health issues at about 40. Eventually diagnosed as suffering with BiPolar in her 60’s. So many hospital visits and the awful shock treatment they used to put the patients through. So barbaric! But cousin we got through it, although I’ve suffered with severe suicidal depression for 10 years. All those lost years. But I’m not tarred with the same brush as my mum and auntie. Mine was triggered from PavoVirus. Have been well for just over one year now and loving my life to the full, after two suicide attempts. Selfish as they were, but beyond my control. I live to celebrate my 68th Birthday today with my wonderful family.

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  2. Thank you, LC. Thank you for sharing your story. I suspect there’s even more in the family that we don’t know about. These things are mostly kept private. Thankfully the world on that front is changing, which should help people to know others understand.


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